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Stop snoring now with Snorekit - The low cost stop snoring mouthpiece!

Simple - Do-it-yourself, custom fit at your home in only 5 min!

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Proven - The only product which is extensively tested in Sleep Studies!

Dr Chris Idzikowski, London Sleep Centre, Edinburgh Sleep Centre:
"After years of extensive studies in sleep centers around the world we can say that Mandibular Advancement Devices, such as Snorekit, are the most efficientstop snoring solution. They are inexpensive, easy to fit and comfortable to wear. I highly recommend them!"


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How do I fit the Snorekit Mouthpiece?
How do I know it will work?
It does not work!
How do I prove that it works?
Why does it stop working?
My jaw and/or teeth hurt in the morning.
Must I use it all night?
I gag or dribble when I use it.
How long will my snorekit last?
Can I use with dentures?
How do I clean the mouthpiece?

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Product Review:

Snorekit is a simple, effective and proven low cost Stop Snoring Mouthpiece. As a Mandibular Advancement Device (MAD) it works by advancing the lower jaw forward for a few millimetres to help free the air intake passage and release the tongue. During sleep, relaxation of the muscles in the throat and the backward movement of the tongue reduces the size of the air passage. The air passing over the region causes vibration which gives the sound to snoring. Apart from audible nuisance and disturbance to others, snoring can effect your health and develop into more severe obstruction of the air passage leading to obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), insomnia or other sleeping disordersjustifying medical consultation.
After extensive sleep studies in sleep centres all over the world it is now a proven fact that snoring can only be treated effectivly in three ways: surgically, by forced ventilation with continuous positive airway pressure devices (CPAP) or with a mandibular advancement device like Snorekit.

So why wait and spend another disturbed night? Order online and stop snoring now with Snorekit!

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