How do I fit the Snorekit Mouthpiece?
How do I know it will work?
It does not work!
How do I prove that it works?
Why does it stop working?
My jaw and/or teeth hurt in the morning.
Must I use it all night?
I gag or dribble when I use it.
How long will my snorekit last?
Can I use with dentures?
How do I clean the mouthpiece?
How do I place an order through the website?
What are my payment options?
How secure is the payment process?
What are my delivery options?
What is the cost of delivery?
When will my order be delivered?
Where does Snorekit Products deliver to?
Can I place an order for worldwide delivery or anywhere else in Africa?
Can I track my order?
What are your return and refund policies?

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