Some useful and important hints:

• Please read and understand the fitting instructions before attempting to fit the stop-snoring mouthpiece.
• Practise fitting the stop-snoring mouthpiece before moulding it in hot water.
• The stop-snoring mouthpiece has a top and bottom. The top is indicated in the groove by "TOP & SK".
• Use a mirror to fit the stop-snoring mouthpiece.
• It is important not to move your bottom jaw too far forward; 2-3mm is usually sufficient.
• The white plastic insert for the breathing hole must be kept in place during heating and fitting.
• Remember to remove the white plastic insert from the breathing hole after fitting the stop-snoring mouthpiece. Don’t throw it away as you will need it in the future if you decide to remould the stop-snoring mouthpiece.
• Do not boil the water in a microwave.
• Blow out through your mouth if the stop-snoring mouthpiece is too hot.

Fitting Instructions

1. Boil some water and pour it into a mug, approximately half full, but sufficient to cover the stop-snoring mouthpiece.
2. Completely immerse the stop-snoring mouthpiece for thirty (30) seconds in the hot water.  It should be soft enough to take an impression of your teeth and change shape as you move your jaw forward. Use the white insert as a handle.
3. Remove and shake off excess water. Check that it is not too hot.
4. Make sure that the sides have not flopped inwards and if necessary use a finger to push them outwards.
5. Ensure the stop-snoring mouthpiece is the right way up. See "TOP" on the right hand side of the groove.
6. Insert the stop-snoring mouthpiece into the mouth, onto the lower jaw first and then close your mouth.
7. Move your lower jaw forward by 2–3 mm. Now start biting hard on the stop-snoring mouthpiece for 20 to 30 seconds. Make sure the white plastic insert is in place to prevent biting through the stop-snoring mouthpiece and to keep the breathing hole open.
8. To help mould the stop-snoring mouthpiece push hard with your tongue against the back of your teeth. At the same time you can suck in to keep the stop-snoring mouthpiece in place. Use your finger to push outer sections against your teeth to help the fit.
9. Remove and rinse under cold water. Remove the white plastic insert.
10. Try your stop-snoring mouthpiece for a while to ensure the fit is correct. If necessary you can repeat the process to adjust the fit. 

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