Why will Snorekit stop snoring?


During sleep, relaxing of the muscles in the throat and backward movement of the tongue reduce the size of the air passage. The air passing over the region causes vibration which gives the sound to snoring. Apart from audible nuisance and disturbance to others, snoring can develop into more severe obstruction of the air passage leading to sleep apnea justifying medical consultation.


Snoring can be treated in several ways, surgically or by forced ventilation with continuous positive pressure devices (CPAP).


The most economical and non-evasive way is to use a mandibular advancement device like Snorekit.

Snorekit is based on medically proven stop snoring solutions known as Mandibular Advancement Device. The principal of the "Snorekit" Mouthpiece consists of a single moulded mouthpiece with a central white insert which keeps the  air intake hole open while fitting the mouthpiece. The fitting consists of moving the lower jaw forward a few millimetres in order to free the air intake at the back of the throat and release the back of the tongue.
The Snorekit mouthpiece is similar to mouth guards worn by sportsmen, but with Snorekit both, the upper and lower jaw are involved in the moulding process.



• Easy to fit, easy to wear and non-intrusive
• Lasts for up to one year
• Economical , low cost and comfortable
• Satisfaction of good night ’s sleep
• Harmony with your partner
• High success rate
• Has a breathing hole in front (don’t have to breath through nose)
• Non-toxic.

Product Review


"Snorekit" is a simple, effective, low-cost stop-snoring mouthpiece to treat snoring. The product is made of thermoplastic copolymers which are flexible, resilient and tough and are classified as non-hazardous and inert toxicologically.
The single piece stop-snoring mouthpiece comes with a white insert for use when immersing in hot water and for fitting to prevent the breathing hole in front from being bitten closed when fitting. Once fitted, the stop-snoring mouthpiece will hold the lower jaw slightly forward, thus opening the throat and eliminating snoring.


Snorekit Contra-indications


• Severe respiratory disorders
• Loose teeth or dentures
• Allergy to latex
• Mandibular joint pain when using "Snorekit"
• Obstructive sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnoea is a condition where breathing is obstructed and airflow to the lungs is restricted. The commonest cause of Sleep Apnoea is due to airway collapse called Obstructive Sleep Apnoea or OSA. OSA affects mainly men over 40  and is associated with being overweight and snoring. OSA is a treatable medical condition and should be treated by a sleep specialist.




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